Life Lessons
Pull your head out of your drums for a moment
and learn about what's really important in life.

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As with many careers, the pursuer usually spends much of his/her time figuring out the logistics within their craft and often forgets all about his head or his heart. Without a fundamental knowledge and understanding of basic life principles and wisdom, you will no doubt find yourself lost somewhere along the way without a sense of purpose or meaning in life.
You may find yourself engaged in a long uphill battle that could otherwise be prevented by simply practicing a few
Life Lessons. Please read with an open mind. These words have been life-changing for many a successful person.

Drinking and Driving
Click here for a tragic story.
(Children below the age of 18, must ask permission from their parents.)


Remember that old boy scout motto? Well it holds true outside of the scouts too.
You must prepare yourself for anything that comes along. If you're ready when the time comes,
you "will" get that big gig that you've dreamed of all your life! Pretend it will happen very soon
and start preparing for it now! Work hard and be ready for that moment.


If you help others, it "will" come back to you. Try it and see!
Do something very special for someone in your life. This could be anything from helping
to teach a lower income child how to play the drums (for free). Or maybe start a child
sponsorship with an established, reputable charity. There is a great feeling
of self-worth and dignity that comes from these noble gestures and God mysteriously has a way of
repaying you for each and every one.

           SACRIFICE       Rainbow.gif (230 bytes)
You must be willing to "give" so that you can "get". This is another law of nature.
If you want to be a great drummer you must ask yourself what you are willing
to give up. It's usually things like extra sleep, partying, Nintendo, and various other
time wasters. We're not trying to keep you from having fun mind you. By all means, enjoy life
and experience everything you can. But just remember that you can't always have your proverbial cake
and eat it too. With all successful men and women, there has been a measure of great sacrifice
along the way. (Keep in mind though, there is also a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.)

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There is something mysterious about this old saying, but it rings so very true.
We've all seen it many times before; the person we know that works hard and is
persistent, ends up becoming successful in some form or fashion and the lazy person
or the "party king" that spent half of his life impressing his friends or sleeping until 3:00 every day,
often ends up at age 30 with a nice full time job at Burger King.  -Work hard and prosper!


Drugs are a lie. They are deception at it's utmost. They'll bait you with their sultry
temptations and then reel you in like a bleeding fish on a hook. Sure, it's fun to live
dangerously now and then but please be realistic about what's at stake and the dangers
involved. Many a career has been ruined by drugs and alcohol. We don't need to
convince you of this. Simply watch any number of VH1 biographies on the lives
of famous musicians that had it all but lost it all because they were "trapped" by
the drugs they once boasted about. Folks, it's a dead end road!


"Nearly every religion regardless of it's age or range of
geographical influence, emphasizes the ethical principle
known to westerners as, "The Golden Rule". The world's
religions formulate this principle in startlingly similar ways."

Ref: - The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World's Religions

What's this got to with drumming, you ask?
Well, without common decency and some sort of ethical base, you will not
truly be happy inside. Without happiness, you'll most likely reflect negatively upon
the world around you. This in turn leads people to not want to work with you.
Please give some thought to the true meaning of the phrase,
"Treat others as you yourselves wish to be treated" or "Love thy neighbor as thyself".
It is considered and agreed upon by major philosophers and theologians worldwide
to be one of the most concise and general principles of ethics.


Have you ever noticed that when you leave at the last minute to get
somewhere, you're usually late? This is because we don't always take into consideration
the extra factors that get in the way. Things such as running back into the house to get
something you forgot, stopping for gas, answering that call just before you walk
out the door, getting stuck in traffic and getting lost are all things that will
make you considerably late if you're not careful.
Get in the habit now of always leaving a half hour early. If the leave time is 6:00,
make it 5:30 instead and commit to that new time. We guarantee you this will
work and there is no greater feeling than showing up on time for a gig. It not only
relieves stress but it adds to your reputation and this will benefit you greatly in the future.

'To be early is to be on time
To be on time is to be late
and to and to be late is unacceptable.'
- Adam B.

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How many of you make New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year? Or are you
the type to say, "Well, what's the use, I never keep 'em anyway."?
Think about it for a minute,
if we had that attitude about everything in life, then why would we even get up in the morning?
I mean, why drive to work or go to school when you might have an accident and get killed?
You see how silly this is?

The word resolution is just a fancy word for "goal setting". Webster lists several
definitions but reoccurring words are "resolve", "declare", and "decide".
Why not use the beginning of the year (or any time for that matter) as a fresh start
to achieve the goals that you set for yourself on DRUMS? Write them down in big bold letters and tape
them to the wall if you have to. This is a common habit of successful people and it WILL work
if "you" work hard for it and "MAKE IT HAPPEN". Even if you don't meet all of your goals,
just "TRYING" gets you a lot closer than you would have gotten otherwise.


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Katherine writes: "I loved those lessons, I think they are true to life and rock on!
I wanted to add that if you have a good attitude, it will go far. I know it's corny, but the only reason
I made it on our school drumline was because I came at least half an hour early to help set up, and
because they knew that they could teach me anything I needed to know. I had proved I could
listen to directions and did my best. It really works!".

Jay Walker writes: Hey I'd just like to say thank you for the life lesson reading. It really
changed the perspective I've had on life lately: partying non stop, drinking
and smoking. I really needed something like this to stop and make me realize
how stupid and such a waste of time it is. I still plan to have fun but to
keep my future in mind while doing so, and putting time aside for practicing drumming
and other things so i can be as good as i can be. Thank you very much.

Vinnie writes: I heard this old saying and it stuck with me throughout my whole
drumming 'life'.
In The great W. Griesel's words:
'An Amateur practices until he gets it right,
but, a Professional practices until he cant get it wrong!'

*An inspiring story from one of our customers

Chuck Benscoter writes: Great stuff! It's refreshing to know that there are others
who believe like I do, that drums and drumming go way beyond just beating the skins.
Here's something for thinking about:

As we practice the rudiments we are teaching our hands (and feet!!) to do things
they don't naturally want to do. 1 or more beats on one appendage combined with
another appendage doing something similar or different at the same time
to achieve a sound/rhythm sequence. Once we learn these we find that
playing goes from effort to effortless to out right fun.

The same thing goes in life. There are things that, as humans, we don't
necessarily do naturally. Sometimes we react instead of interact, or worse
yet we do nothing at all. Just like drumming we need to practice
life's rudiments to truly succeed and be happy.

We call these 'life rudiments' by many names (the golden rule,
10 commandments, etc.) but it all comes down to practice makes perfect
and just like drumming we are never perfect but always striving for it.

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Rick Williams writes: Who ever wrote those lessons hit the nail on the head!!!!!
I am 43 years old I started playing drums when I was 15 I thought that the drinking,
smokin pot, hash, and doin' lines were cool. Well when I was 23 I found myself
selling off my drums and whatever else I could find just for a fix!!!!!!!!!
You name it I did it. After my drums were gone I didn't play again until I was 41. What
a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been clean now for five years and started to play again
I asked GOD to help me and he has. Be good to yourself young drummers. Play on

Renee Aspen writes: All of these are great life lessons and I think everyone should read
these whether they play the drums or not. But there are two lessons that I especially live by:
The first one is "In order to get respect you have to give it". If you really want respect the best
way to get it is to give it people will respect you much more.You'll get more respect by major
record companies if you simply give them some. The second is "you either win or you learn,
you can never lose". Maybe you have a bad gig or you messed up in one of your solos
but you didn't lose, you simply learned next time I should do this or I need to practice this.
I just wanted to share those tips that have helped me much on and off the drums.

Nichole writes: I just read your life lessons, and I must say that they really touched me.
I just started playing a few days ago, and these have really had an impact on me. I had all these
vague goals in my head of what I want out of life and my band, and those just put everything in perspective for me.
I'm gonna write down all my goals and carry them around with me everywhere I go so I never forget why I started
doing this, and that I need to get up off my ass and start taking life more seriously. I'm gonna be 18 in a month and I need to
get my life moving in a direction I want it to go.

Also, I have always believed in "The Rule of Three", that if you do something bad to someone it will
come back at you three times as bad, so it's always good just to be nice to people or at least respectful if you can.

Thank you for enlightening me so much.


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