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Welcome to our new Free Drum Lessons Site

You spoke, we listened! You wanted more free drums lessons, fewer broken links, and you wanted the online drum lessons to be searchable. If you like the old format (Drum Lessons Database), it is still live and usable. Otherwise, please enjoy our new Drum Lessons site with tons of online lessons. We're still working on this section of our site so thanks for your patience while we clean up and improve.

Drum Lessons

Some of the online drum lessons and drum tabs are not the property of Drum Bum and are not housed on this website. We make no claim of authorship in any way, shape or form and advise caution while proceeding. Although we try to check every lesson page for accuracy, we are not responsible for any content or misinformation within the external drum sites.

Pro Drum Lessons from Name Drummers!

Thanks to all the wonderful drummers whose lessons are represented here!

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Free Drum Lessons - Accents: Learn accents on the drums. The free online drum lessons include practical drum beats and beginning drum patterns with accents. Don't underestimate the value of properly placed accents in your playing!  Learn to play drums with ebb and flow. Instruction with accents can help you achieve this. Want to work on creative exercises that incorporate accents within a snare and bass groove? Check out the free accent drum lessons.


Free Drum Lessons - Advanced Drumming: Learn advanced drum techniques and drum concepts with movement exercises, the Moeller method of playing drums, utilizing left foot clave on drumset (popularized by El negro Horatio Hernandez), the one-handed triplet, backwards drumbeats, advanced double bass drumming, and displaced rhythms and beats for drums. Some drum lessons contain videos as well as standard drum notation.

More Advanced Drumming Resources: Advanced Drumming Books

Free Drum Lessons - Afro-Cuban Beats: Learn how to play afro-cuban drum styles. See how african rhythms from long ago migrated to Cuba and formed many other rhythms to make the Afro Cuban drum style. Check out rhythm transcriptions for hand drums and drumset. Experience cuban music, latin drum concepts, and more through challenging beats such as the cascara, and the tumbau. Don't miss the many links and lessons offered though some of these world drums and percussion sites. Dive into African and Cuban drums and drumbeats.


Drummer DVDS
Top level DVDs for Learning Drums


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Artists / Famous Drummers: Check out the many famous artists and lessons we have featuring pro drummer legends in the drum industry. Famous drummers such as Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Buddy Rich, Travis Barker, Vinnie Colaiuta, and more. Free drum videos and short MPEG video clips of famous drummer's licks, fills, drum beats, grooves and overall drumming musicality.

More Resources: Famous Drummers


Free Drum Lessons - Balance: Playing the drumset involves balance. Learn tricks and techniques from pro drummers on improving your overall balance while playing the drums. Attention to how you sit, keeping your back straight while playing the drums and so on. Unless you're balanced on the kit, you won't have true freedom and relaxation while you're playing.

Drum Bum

Learn drumbeats of drummers such as Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, John Bonham, JoJo Mayer, Tony Royster Jr.,
Keith Carlock, Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Tim Alexander, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, and others.


Free Drum Lessons - Baiion: The Baiion rhythm is one of many Latin rhythms that has influenced many other styles of music. Learn how to play the Baiion rhythm on the drums / drumset. One of many drum patterns to expand your horizons on the drums. See also Latin Drumming.

Basic Beats

Free Drum Lessons - Basic Drumbeats: Learn how to play the drums with basic drumbeats, beginning basic grooves, and basic drum patterns. Whether it be simple 8th note rock drum beats, beginning drumfills, laying down a solid drum groove, or basic reading exercises for beginning drummers, these drumlessons will have them rocking in no time. Rhythmic notation for drums provided. Learn basic drumming techniques and basic drum beats for drumset.


Bass Drum

Free Drum Lessons - Bass Drum: This subject focuses on the bass drum specifically. Study bass drum technique and bass drum independence involving foot and bass pedal angles, heel toe or heel up methods, and how to get greater speed on the bass drum. Features articles, drum videos, featured drum beats specifically for the bass drum, and independence exercises. For more on bass drum technique or particularly double bass, see also Double Bass Drumming for drumming with two bass drums or a double kick pedal.

Drum Bum

Beginning  (see also Basic Beats)

Free Drum Lessons - Beginning: Learn beginning drums with basic drum lessons on technique, coordination, independence, reading, and more. Check out all the free lessons covering parts of the drumset, explanations on how to best set up a drumset and configure it, drum tuning, and even live videos with demonstrations of beginner drumbeats on the drumset. Learn the basics of drumming for snare drum or drumset.. Check out how to play drums with starter drumset beats and detailed descriptions of each beat. See detailed drum pics of a beginner drumset with beginner notation and access beginner drum CDs that feature music without drums. Tons of beginning drum lessons right here at Drum Bum's drum lessons hub! Click on the links below for video drum lessons. Also check out the free drum lessons blog over on Twitter.

More Beginner Resources: Beginner Drum Books / How to Play Drums / Beginner Drum Lessons on DVD


Free Drum Lessons - Beguine: The beguine rhythm has been around for many decades. Learn how to play the beguine on drums or drumset. See also Latin Drumming.


Free Drum Lessons - Bembe: Learn how to play bembe beat on the drums. The bembe is one of many latin drumming beats. See also Latin Drumming.


Free Drum Lessons - Blues Drumming: Learn how to play the blues on drums or drumset with blues drum beats beginning to advanced. Follow the free links to cool blues beats and blues drumming. Learn shuffle patterns including basic blues riffs and double handed shuffles. Basic blues beats for drumset in 6/8 and 12/8, standard 4/4, and proven examples to lay down a solid beat for your blues band. See also Shufles

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Bodhran: Lessons on how to play the bodhran, tuning for the bodhran, and it's vast history on a drum that's been around for a long time. Check out how to make your own bodhran drums. Tons of bodhran resources for these popular Irish frame drums.


Free Drum Lessons - Bo Diddley was a legendary blues singer and guitar player that made a drum beat famous. Learn definitions, history, examples, and variations of the famous Bo Diddley beat. The Bo Diddley rhythm is not only popular on drums, it has been an influential drum pattern throughout rock and roll history.


Free Drum Lessons - Bongos: Learn how to play the bongo drums like the pros. Learn about bongo drums history, techniques and playing examples, bongo videos, grooves, bongo drum resources, and more for this popular Latin percussion instrument. More on latin percussion and conga drums also.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Bossa Nova: Learn how to play the bossa nova beat on the drums. The bossa nova rhythm has influenced many styles of music from rock to jazz drumming. It's rhythm is considered one of the staples for drumset and drumming in general and you should have it in your arsenal. See also Latin Drumming.

       (see also Jazz)

Free Drum Lessons - Brushes: Learn how to play brushes on the drums. Unique brush strokes, patterns, and techniques. Learn about the brush masters such as Clayton Cameron, Steve Smith, and Philly Joe. Learn basic strokes for snare drum and much more, covering brush topics such as grip, feathering, brush strokes, variations, and filling with brushes. Learn how to play brush circles and shapes and even advanced techniques.

More Brush Resources: Brushes for Drumming - DVDs and Books

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Building Drums: Learn all about drum building. Check out links to drum building resources including how to build trigger pads, knowing drum parts, accessories for building drums, and more. The heck with brand name drum companies, build your own drums with lessons and tutorials on DIY (Do It Yourself) Drum Building!


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Business: Includes where to look, how to audition, and how to keep a music gig once you get it. It's not just about playing drums but about the business of drumming. You can be a more successful drummer if you understand business concepts and principles as they relate to music and the music community. It's not all about learning drums only. It's also about learning the business of music. Don't underestimate the importance of business in music.


Free Drum Lessons - Buying a Drumset: Check out tips and guides for Buying a Drumset. If you're looking for just the right drumset but are new to drumming, you may needs some extra help. Drumset guides offer assistance in buying just the right drumset. Popular drumset brands are Pearl Drums, DW, Tama Drums, Ludwig Drums, Yamaha Drums, Gretsch, Ayotte, Sonor, PDP Drums, Premier Drums, Mapex, GMS, Remo, Peavey, and other entry level drums like CB, and Sunlite.most useful) site I have seen
yet. I only hope other sites become at least half as resourceful as yours.sociation of Alberta


Free Drum Lessons - Buzz Roll: Out of all the drum rudiments the buzz roll can be most confusing. Drummers often mix it up with the double stroke roll. But the buzz roll is played by "pressing" into the drum where a double stoke roll uses controlled double strokes. Learn the proper buzz roll technique through standard and video lessons. See also Rudiments.

Drum Bum

Learn how to play drums at Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub. Learn basic drumbeats of famous drummers such
as Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, JoJo Mayer, Tony Royster Jr., Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Tim Alexander,
Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, John Bonham, Gavin Harrison, and Virgil Donati.


Free Drum Lessons - Cascara Pattern: The Cascara is one of many latin rhythms that have had an influence on hand drummers and drumset players alike. Learn how to play the Cascara drum pattern at our free drum lessons database. See also Latin drums.


Free Drum Lessons - Clave: Understand what clave is and how it relates to drummers and drumming. Check out links to free clave lessons for drums including 2/3 clave, 3/2 clave, son clave, rumba clave, left foot clave exercises for drums and drumset, and afro-cuban clave technique. See also Latin.



Free Drum Lessons - Cleaning Drums: Learn how to clean your drums as well as how to clean your cymbals and drum stands. Check out the free guides to drumset cleaning and guides to maintenance. Tried and tested drum cleaning methods that have worked for many pro drummers. - What do you use to lean those drums? When it comes to picking the right drum polish or cymbal polish, you'll find answers within our drum lessons database.


Free Drum Lessons - Conga Lessons: Check out free hand drumming lessons. Learn how to play the congas with free conga instruction online. Basic conga lessons, advanced conga tips, advice and conga drumming techniques. Learn the language to the beats used on conga drums as well as the many different afro cuban conga rhythms. See also Latin.


Free Drum Lessons - Cuban Drumming: Learn about Cuban rhythms and drum artists that came from Cuba to further shape the culture of American drumming and American music in general. Check out latin tips and exercises from drum pros such as Chuck Silverman and Changuito.

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Free Drum Lessons - Cymbals: All about cymbals! From how to hit cymbals properly to fixing cracked cymbals. Hand-held and suspended cymbal techniques, cymbal history, cymbal making, different types of cymbals, and more. Cymbals for drumset, cymbals for marching, and cymbals for orchestral applications. Popular cymbal brands are Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Meinl, and Bosphorus.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Djembe Drums: Learn to play the djembe drum for free with free djembe drum lessons online! Study basic djembe techniques, how to tune a djembe drum, and learn about its origin. Don't miss related percussion lessons with the conga drums, and the bongo drums. See also Latin for more djembe drum lessons.


Free Drum Lessons - Double Bass Drumming: Learn how to play double bass for drumset with these bass drum lessons online. Tons of drumming tips and double bass drum technique to competed in a modern day world of "hot" double bass drummers. Some call double bass "double kick". Whatever you call it, you can learn double bass drumming at our lessons area for free. Check out the hottest double bass drum beats, double bass licks, beginning to advanced double bass exercises, and tips and secrets to increase your speed. Click on the links below for video drum lessons.

More Double Bass Resources: Double Bass Drum Lessons / Double Bass Drumming


Free Drum Lessons - Drag Rudiment: Drags are one of the most commonly used drum rudiments for marching drums and drumset. See how the drag (also called the "ruff") can be applied to snare drum, drumset, or hand percussion. See also "Drum Rudiments" for further snare drum lessons involving the drag rudiment.


Free Drum Lessons - Drumheads: All about drum heads! Drum head types, sizes, styles, how to choose the proper drum heads for your drums, and more. Learn about the drumhead tap test, and sound characteristics of drumheads. Check out the drum head comparison charts. Popular drum head brands are Remo, Aquarian, Evans, Attack, and Premier.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Drumline: Learn all about drumlines. and how to be a better drummer in drumline. Information on traditional drumlines, indoor drumlines, drumline and drumcorps resources. Check out cadence scores, tabs, and drumline tips and secrets. See also Marching for more snare drum lessons, quads, quints, pit, and even more on marching percussion.


All about Drumsticks: Learn how to pick the best pair of drumsticks, how to hold them properly, basic drum stick techniques, and more. Learn about the various types of drumsticks including sizes, shapes, wood types, lengths and widths of the drumsticks. *Popular drumstick brands are Vic Firth, Pro-mark, Zildjian and Vater. Other brands include Capella, Rimshot, Regal Tip, Xcell, Ahead, Trueline and Los Cabos.


Free Drum Lessons - Dumbek / Doumbek: Tons of helpful information on dumbek percussion and dumbek rhythms. Reference mid-eastern drumming and dumbek drums including definitions, pictures, history and more.


Free Drum Lessons - Dynamics: If you underestimate dynamics in drumming, you're underestimating the depth of drumming that can be achieved. Bring your drumming alive with properly placed dynamics. Check out free lessons and articles on ways to increase your overall dynamics in your drumming. Listening guides, method books, and many more music resources to fully understand dynamics.

Drum Bum

ELECTRONICS (see also Triggering)

Free Drum Lessons - Electronics: Learn about basic electronics, electronic drums and drumsets, and electronic drumming online. From informative drum articles to valuable tips on buying electronic drums, drum machines, do it yourself (DIY) trigger pads, preference on parameter settings such as velocity, and more! Popular electronic drums brands are Roland, Alesis, Hart, Pintech, Ddrum, Emu, and Yamaha edrumkits.


Free Drum Lessons - Endorsements: Learn about how to get a drum endorsement. Tips and advice from the pros who can tell you all about the dos and don't of landing an endorsement deal with a large drum corporation. To get a drum endorsement, you've got to go about it the right way. You don't just call up a drum company and say, "Will you endorse me?". Learn the ins and outs of drum endorsements.

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Free Drum Lessons - Learn extreme drumming. Covering everything from blast beats on drums to fast double bass techniques and advanced extreme drumming for progressive rock, heavy metal drumming and more.

More Extreme Drumming Resources: Learn Extreme Drumming with Books and DVDs



Free Drum Lessons - Famous Drummers: Learn how to play drums like your favorite pro drummer. There are hundreds of free drumming resources on famous drummers in our drumlessons hub, or you can buy a drumming book or dvd on famous drummers by clicking on the link. Stay tuned as we'll be adding even more pro drummer information, links and resources. You can also visit and see their large famous drummers section. It includes comments from forum members.



Free Drum Lessons - Drum Fills: Learn about how to play just the right drum fills. Beginning to advanced tips on drumfills, drum fill exercises, in traditional rhythmic notation and free drum lesson videos. Two beat fills, 4 beat fills, beginner drumfills, advanced drumfills, and how to compose your own effective drum fills and drum beats for rock drumming, funk drumming, jazz drumming and so on. Don't be a boring drummer. Learn to play the drums with a creative flair, offering up exiting and challenging drumfills!

More Drum Fills Resources: Learn Drum Fills with Books and DVDs


Free Drum Lessons - Flam Rudiment: One of the most effective and popular rudiments for drumming is the flam. Learn how to properly apply flams to hand drumming and drumset playing. Learn how to develop flam coordination, flexibility, and stick control on snare drum and the drumset. See Drum Rudiments.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Frame Drums: Learn about frame drums, their history, and their many applications to drums and drumming. Popular frame drums are the Pandeiro and the Irish Bodhran among others. See also Hand Drumming.


Free Drum Lessons - Funk Drumming Instruction: Learn all about basic funk drumming. Beginner to advanced funk drum grooves online. The history of funk drumming as it's taught by David Garibadi and Zoro. Famous funk beats, drum exercises, techniques, and hot, free video clips for drumset with incredible funk drumbeats. Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Funk Drumming Resources: Funk Drum Lessons on DVDs


Free Drum Lessons - Ghost Strokes: Learn about ghost strokes (ghost notes) and their application to drums and drumset. Audio and video examples of how to perform ghost notes on drumset within a groove. Don't underestimate the power of properly placed ghosted notes and strokes within drumming whether it be for drumset or hand percussion.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Glossary: Reference a glossary for drummers. Other online links to dictionary-type pages, video pictures, and more multimedia related to drum terms and general music terms. These glossary references cover drum origins, drum types, drum definitions, drum terms, exotic drums, bibliographies, and more.

Drum Glossary Resources: Find Drum Lessons and a huge Drum Glossary at


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Grip: Learn about how to grip your drumsticks. Proper drumstick grip is essential to achieving the desired results on the drums with the least amount of effort. Learn the difference between traditional grip and matched grip. See pictures of proper drumstick grip, basic examples, and free video clips demonstrating different gripping techniques in drumming.

Drum Bum

Learn drumbeats of drummers such as Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, John Bonham, JoJo Mayer, Tony Royster Jr.,
Keith Carlock, Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Tim Alexander, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, and others.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Groove: It's a "groove" thang! Learning how to play a deep, pocketed groove is probably one of the most important lessons you can learn and apply to drumming. No matter how many chops you have or how great your technique is, without making it "feel good", you have nothing. Check out the many drum exercises, articles, basic tips for drum grooving, and free clips demonstrating some amazing drum grooves featuring top drummers.


Free Drum Lessons - Half Time: Learn about half time and how to apply it to hand drums and drumset at Drum Bum's online drum lessons hub. Everything from reading half time notation to playing half time shuffles for drumset.


HAND DRUMMING (see also "Latin")

Free Drum Lessons - Hand Drumming: Learn about hand drums and hand drumming online. Tons of information, exercises, tips, articles, and free video clips on conga drums, djembe drums, bongo drums, frame drums such as the pandeiro and the bodhran. Mid eastern hand drums like the dumbek, and Japanese hand drums. Learn hand drum techniques, the names of the syllables used, how to tune hand drums and rope djembe drums. Tons of hand drumming resources covering even more instruments like the shekere', the tamborim, berimbau, cabassa, pandeiro, cowbells, agogo bells, chocalo, guiro, tamborim, timbales, surdo, congas, bongos, claves, cuica, steel drums, bata drums, maracas, apitos, and more! Popular hand drum companies include Latin Percussion (LP), Toca, Meinl, Rhythm Tech, Remo, Gon Bops, among others.


Free Drum Lessons - Drummers Health: Learn about basic health related issues and how they affect your drumming. Read valuable drummer articles on hearing loss, back pain, repetitive stress injuries and common injuries drummers often suffer such as repetitive stress injuries related to drums and drumming. Learn how to best take care of yourself so that you can remain active and competitive with your drumming.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Drum History: Learn about the history of drums, drummers, drumset, drumming, and percussion in general. Everything from the evolution of the drumset to ancient african drum rhythms that were used for medicinal purposes. Knowing the history of drums and drumming, you can have more insight into where it is all going. Get informed. Read up on drum history. A well-rounded drummer includes a drummer that is not only a great player but one that is knowledgeable. Don't forget to celebrate National Drumming Day every year on November 15th. Sponsored by, this national day is one we can call our own!. Resources: Drum History Books

Drum Tips features thousands of tips on drums, rock drumming, drumset, and percussion. Access online tips on how to play and
approach complex drum patterns and fills, learn how to tune your drums, and learn drum concepts that will take your drumming to new heights


Free Drum Lessons - How to play Drums: Learn how to play drums for free online. You'll find resources on how to play drum rudiments, how to assemble a drumset, how to get gigs, how to gain greater drum independence, and even information on speed drumming, tuning drums like the pros and how to have a successful career as a drummer. Even more links to drum articles, drum books, and helpful dvds on how to play drums.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Independence: How do you gain 4 way independence on the drums or drumset. Check out the free online lessons available that demonstrate independence exercises for drumset and hand drumming. Focus on limb independence and basic to advanced 4 way coordination that allow you to have your limbs totally independent of one another. Numerous drum independence exercises from beginning to advanced.


Free Drum Lessons - Jazz Drumming: Learn jazz drumming, the history of jazz, and all about famous jazz drummers. Study the standard swing pattern and its thousands of variations between ride cymbal, snare drum, bass drum, and toms. Learn how to trade fours on the drumkit as wells as about jazz phrasing and comping. Check out jazz drum lessons from beginner to advanced. See also Swing.

More Jazz Drumming Resources: Jazz Drumming Lessons on DVDs



Free Drum Lessons - Latin Drumming: There's a lot that goes into Latin drumming. Within our free drum lessons area, you can access how to play latin drum beats on hand percussion or drumset. Study the mambo, mozambique, calypso, merengue, the bossa nova beat, and more. Learn how to play 6/8 afro cuban, the latin drum rudiments, the bomba, guaguanco, mozambique, and samba. Learn the origins of salsa music, as well as definitions and drum terms for merengue, salsa, cumbia, calypso, mariachi, bachata, vallenato, and Columbian styles of drumming. Check out online drum lessons with latin examples and free video clips for Brazilian grooves, and exercises for the maracatu rhythm, and pagode style drumbeats. See also Hand Drumming. Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Latin Percussion Resources: Latin Percussion Lessons on DVDs

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Left Hand Drumming: Do you play drums left-handed? Learn how to strengthen your left hand. Also find helpful lefty tips and advice for left-handed drummers or those who play left-handed on the drumset.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Licks: Find free drum licks demonstrated through exercises and free drum videos and lessons online. Learn beginner to advanced drum beats and drum licks from pro drummers as well as some challenging drum licks from name drummers such as Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Deen Castronova, Billy Martin, Dave Weckl, Manu Katche' and more! 


Free Drum Lessons - Life Lessons: A lot can be learned from simple life lessons. Avoid some of the major hurdles and traps a lot of musicians fall into by keeping your head together. Learn how ethical life principles relate to you and your drumming through "drum wisdom".


Free Drum Lessons - Linear Drumming: Learn how to play linear drum beats. Definitions and examples of linear drumming and their applications to drums and drumset. Study linear voicings, linear drumset grooves, and examples of linear drumming in different styles of music.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Mallet Percussion: Study the mallets! Learn about mallet percussion through various mallet links and resources. Study chord voicings, comping, mallet solos, marimba construction, cross-handing, hand grip, and general mallet technique. Articles, exercises, and mallet technique from Greg Merrill, Gary Burton, and other respect mallet players. Popular mallet brands are Mike Balter, Vic Firth, Vater, and Pro-Mark. Popular bell brands are Ludwig-Musser, Bergerault, Yamaha, Pearl.



Free Drum Lessons - Marching: References for marching drums, drumline, and drum corps. Online marching tips, articles, instruction, and features including snare drum rudiments, quads, pit, marching scores, marching cymbals, marching bass drum, and more. Don't miss our links to famous drum corps, cadences, DCI events, and other marching drumlines. See also Drumline.

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Free Drum Lessons - Metronomes: Develop good timing in your performances through practice with a metronome. Information on metronomes including detailed comparisons, reviews, terms, how to play along with a metronome and the best metronomes for drumming. *Popular brands of metronomes are Boss, Qwik Time, Wittner, Korg, Franz Ltd., and the Tama Rhythm Watch.



Free Drum Lessons - Drum Micing: Learn how to mic your drums with drumset micing techniques, hints, tips, and secrets. Popular drum microphone brands are Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Audix, Neumann, Sony, Peavy, and Sennheiser.

Drum Bum

Learn drumbeats of drummers such as Dave Abbruzzese, Alex Acuña, Abe Cunningham, Bernie Dresel, Virgil Donati,
John Blackwell, Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Cindy Blackman, André Ceccarelli, Daniel Adair, Billy Ashbaugh and others.


Free Drum Lessons - Miscellaneous Drums: What drumlessons don't fit in the other categories falls into the miscellaneous section of our online drum lessons hub. Check out free drum lessons beginning to advanced on numerous miscellaneous drum topics like extreme drumming, how to stop a bass drum from sliding, extreme drum fills, to free articles on the greatest drum recordings of our time. Learn how to play cool drum beats and challenging grooves on the drums as well. Don't be just another average drummer. Be among the best! You might also find drum teachers in this misc. section.

More Resources: Video Drum Lessons


Free Drum Lessons - Motivation: Recommended articles on motivation, some by pro drummers. Whether your a beginning drummer or an advanced drummer, light a fire and get motivated to be your best! If you want to get good on the drums, you need to get motivated.



Free Drum Lessons - Motown Drumbeats: Learn about Motown, the style, history of Motown, and useful Motown rhythms for drums / drumset. This is found in the funk drumming category of the lessons hub.



Free Drum Lessons - Drum Movement: Pro drummers are in tune to proper movement on the drums. Study the physical movements of drumming and how it can affect your overall drumming. Learn proper moving techniques for greater balance and consistency in your drumming.



Free Drum Lessons - Mozambique Rhythm: Learn about the African mozambique drum pattern that was popularized by Steve Gadd many years ago and is now used by drummers in all styles of drumming. The mozambique drum pattern can be played on drumset or percussion. See also Latin Drumming lessons online.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Ostinatos: Learn about ostinatos, from the definition of ostinato to basic drumset examples and exercises for the drums.

Drum Bum

ODD TIME (see also Polyrhythms)

Free Drum Lessons - Odd Time on the Drums: Learn how to play odd times on drums or drumset. Check out the audio and video exercises that cover 5/4 time, 3/4 time, 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, and more. Discover different approaches to odd time and tips to play odd time more fluently on the drums.

More Odd Time Drums Resources: Learn how to play Odd Time on the Drums

(see also "Latin")

Free Drum Lessons - Pandeiro Drum: Online tips and exercises on how to play the popular frame drum, the pandeiro. Even more to come for pandeiro drums.


Free Drum Lessons - Paradiddle Rudiment: The paradiddle is one of the most common drum rudiments. Check out free lessons on playing the paradiddle rudiment and the many paradiddle applications to drums and drumset for beginning to advance. See also Drum Rudiments.

Drum Bum

If it's about DRUMS, you'll find it at Drum Bum!


Free Drum Lessons - Pattern Generators: Learn about pattern generators and their assistance with generating drumbeat ideas. You can use free online pattern generators for rock drumming, jazz drumming, fusion drumming, and more. Discover hundreds of drum patterns by using pattern generators.


Free Drum Lessons - Percussion: Numerous lessons on percussion topics covering latin drumming, hand percussion, latin percussion, various drum and percussion instruments, how to play bongos, how to play the djembe drum, how to play the congas drums, world percussion, and more.

More Percussion Resources: Percussion Books / Percussion Gifts


Free Drum Lessons - Permutation on the drums means to shift notes to the right or to the left. So in other words if you had a sixteenth note pattern, you could take the whole pattern and shift it over to the right and it becomes "permeated" or "displaced". While it's been around for a long time, pro drummer, David Garibaldi popularized this concept in the 80's and even wrote books and made videos about drum permutation and how this method can help you create hundreds of unique ideas on the drumset. - Search our hub for free drum lessons online.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Phrasing: Advanced drummers have an understanding of the importance of proper phrasing on the drums. Phrase your drumbeats and drumfills so that they sound more musical. Learn about musical phrasing for the drumkit and how it can take your drumming to a new level.


Free Drum Lessons - Drummer Play Alongs: YOU are the drummer, as you accompany famous bands and drum artists online or through Books/CDs or DVDs that you can play along with. Access tons of drum play alongs online that feature expert drum instruction with you as the drummer that gets to play along to music without drums. No more searching for play alongs. We've got them all right here!

Drum Bum

Learn the drum licks of drummers such as Danny Carey, Tony Royster Jr., Tomas Haake, Romain Goulon, Gavin Harrison,
Carter Beauford, Chris Adler, Gene Hoglan, Thomas Pridgen, Marco Minnemann, Chris Pennie, Adam Deitch and JoJo Mayer.


Free Drum Lessons - Practicing the Drums: Tons of information on practicing the drums. Learn how to practice effectively in the woodshed so that no time is wasted. Check out the numerous practice tips and articles online that will get your juices flowing. Everything from working with a metronome and counting out loud to documenting your progress on the instrument.


Free Drum Lessons - Polyrhythms on the Drums: Learn all about polyrhythms from definitions to playing examples and exercises on polyrhythms. Audio examples cover polyrhythm topics such as 3 against 2, 3 against 4, polyrhythmic ostinatos, using polyrhythms for metric modulation, and more.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Posture: Learn how to sit at the drums. Study proper posture for playing the drums as well as lessons on proper seat height and angles of your drums.


Free Drum Lessons - Punk Drums: Check out lessons on punk drumming. Punk drum tips and playing exercises for drumkit on audio or video. Don't settle for mediocre drumming. Bring your punk drumming to another level with beginner to advanced punk drum beats for drumset.


Free Drum Lessons - Quads: This section provides free information on quads (4 marching toms) including lessons, quad tips, quad secrets, beat patterns and combinations, and effective practicing for quads. See also Drum Rudiments and/or Marching.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Reading: Lessons on drum reading and theory. See charts of rhythmic values, basic reading examples, notation, an introductory to bar lines, staff, basic time signatures, and more. Includes tempo, dynamics, and rhythm drills that help you practice your reading. Great for beginning drummers but also for those more advanced drummers that want to improve their sight-reading overall. See also Theory.

More Resources for Reading: Reading Drum Music


Free Drum Lessons - Recording the Drums: Learn all about effective drum recording techniques for home or studio. Understand mic positioning and room acoustics to achieve the best drum sound. See also Studio or Micing.

More Resources for Recording Drums: Drum Recording Books and DVDs

Drummer Videos


Free Drum Lessons - Reggae Drums: Learn how to play Reggae on the drumset. See online audio and video examples of this popular style of drumming. More reggae drum lessons and reggae videos to come.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Repair: How to repair your drums or drumset from recovering drums to fixing cracked cymbals, to making small repairs to your drums using step by step methods from pro drum techs.

(see also "Latin")

Free Drum Lessons - Rhumba: Learn how to play the rhumba beat on the drums or drumset. Applications to hand percussion as well as the drumset. Also spelled "rumba".

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Rudiments: What drummer doesn't know about rudiments? Drum rudiments are at the foundation of all drumming. It is essential that drummers have a grip on the standard, essential drum rudiments such as the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, paradiddle, and flam. For advanced drumming, you must know more. See rudiments on ratamacues, drags, and many more of the 40 standard drum rudiments established by the Percussive Arts Society. Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Rudiments Resources: Drum Rudiments Books / Drum Rudiments DVDs



Free Drum Lessons - Rock Drumming: Want to learn how to play rock and roll on the drums or drumset? Check out the free drum lessons online for rock drumming beats and rock drumming technique. From basic rock beats on the drumset to advanced rock drum patterns and rock drum techniques involving dynamics, and greater four way coordination. Rock drumming is one of the most popular forms of drumming. Make sure you are solid in rock drumming technique. Study rock drum fills, bass drum independence, speed drumming technique, and even blast beats. Check out the free rock drum lessons for beginning drummers and advanced drummers at Drum Bum's free drum lessons hub. Don't miss the latest books and dvds for double bass drum lessons and their application to drums and drumming.

Learn a beginner rock beat on the drumset.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Rolls - This section covers basic double stroke rolls, 5, 9, etc. as well as drum rolls for fills down the drums. Learn to play drum rolls on the snare drum or across the drumset in various patterns! See also "Rudiments".


Free Drum Lessons - Salsa Drumming: Learn all about salsa, salsa music, and salsa drumming. See where the word came from and how to play the drum styles that make up salsa music. See also Afro Cuban.

(see also "Latin")

Free Drum Lessons - Samba: Learn how to play the samba on hand drums or drumset. From basic samba to advanced samba drumming, check out the free information on the history of samba drumming to audio and video examples of common samba drum beats and approaches.

Drum Bum

Learn drumbeats from famous rock drummers such as Joey Jordison, John Dolmayan, Lars Ulrich, Danny Carey, Chad Smith.,
Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Trey Cool, Chad Sexton, Dean Castronovo, Morgan Rose, Roger Taylor, and others.


Free Drum Lessons - Second Line: Learn about second line drumming and New Orleans drumming. Check out the history of second line and it's application to drums in modern American music. Get a history lesson on second line snare.

(see also "Posture")

Free Drum Lessons - Setting up a Drumset: Free guides to setting up a drumset. Tips, advice, and free drum instruction on the best way to set up a drumset including things like seating the head on the drums and throne adjustment for the kit. Includes pictures of drums and drumkit set up examples.


Free Drum Lessons - Showmanship: Don't just play the drums like everyone else. Get out in front. We should consider showmanship in our bag of drumming tricks. This can help draw an audience into your band as well as add marketability to your reputation as a drummer. It can also be helpful in winning drum contests!


Free Drum Lessons - Shuffle: The shuffle beat is one of the most popular beats in modern music. Aside from basic eighth and 16 time, learn the art of the shuffle, its origins, and how it is properly played. See how to play drum shuffles with free drum lessons from basic shuffle patterns and when to play them to blues drumming legends that have made drum shuffles very popular.


Free Drum Lessons -Single Stroke Roll: It's said that the two primary rudiments are the single stroke roll and the double stroke roll. The single is not hard to learn but it's a more challenging to get up to speed. Check out lessons on the single stroke roll and it's application to percussion, including all drums and drum set. See also Drum Rudiments.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Snare Buzz: Have you ever had that annoying snare buzz sound and you don't know where its coming from? Check out the lessons available on controlling snare drum buzz live and in the studio. Get rid of that annoying snare buzz sound by studying expert tips and proven techniques for taking the buzz out of your snare.



Free Drum Lessons - Snare Drum Lessons: Most drummers start out on the snare drum in junior high school band and thus usually start with the snare drum when they start drum lessons with a teacher. Learn about how to play the snare drum from basic hand technique to tuning the snare drum and how to play the most important snare drum rudiments. Click on the link below for video drum lessons on snare technique.

More Snare Drum Resources: Snare Drum Lessons on DVDs


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Soloing: Drum soloing is one of the biggest challenges for drummers. When called upon to solo, it can be a source of anxiety if you're not fully prepared. Check out the great articles and exercises on drum soloing in our lessons hub. Reference drum soloing tips, drumbeats, fill ideas, and techniques online for drum solo technique and construction.m!      

Drum Tips

Thousands of Drum Tips, Drum Lessons, Quotes, and Drum Secrets, for the Drums.
Find tips on double bass drumming, drum tuning, snare drum rudiments, and more!


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Solos: Lots of drum solos from your favorite drummers as well as drum solos from not so famous drummers. Check out free drum solos on audio and video. Access free MP3 video clips of drum solos by Tony Royster Jr., Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy, Tony Williams, and many more. Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Drum Solos Resources: Drum Solos Books and DVDs



Free Drum Lessons - Speed Drumming: Learn speed drumming techniques from the masters of speed drumming. Free tips and exercises on speed drumming... how to build your speed drumming chops, tips on preparing for the World's Fastest Drummer contest, and articles that help shed light on speed drumming. How fast can you drum? Rip those drums with blazing speed drumming technique.


Free Drum Lessons - Steel Drums: Learn about steel drums, styles and techniques, how to make steel drums, and the history behind these melodic drums. Steel drums are also called "pans", pan drums or "the pans".


Free Drum Lessons - Drumstick Twirling: Every drummer wants to twirl his drumsticks. If for no other reason, just to say we can! Check how free lessons and helpful tutorials on spinning your drumsticks. Get tips, stick tricks, techniques, and secrets from the drumstick twirling pros of the drum world. Is your performance on stage boring? Twirling drumsticks can liven it up! Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Drumstick Twirling Resources: Drumstick Twirling Lessons on Books and DVDs

Drum Bum

Learn drum beats of famous drummers such as , Carter Beauford, John Bonham, JoJo Mayer, Mike Portnoy, Tony Royster Jr.,
Dennis Chambers, Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Chad Smith, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Aaron Spears, Thomas Lang, and others.


Free Drum Lessons - Studio Drumming: Drummers don't just play live but they play in the studio too. Know how to mic your drums, play studio charts for drums, tune your drums for studio, following a click track and more. Learn top studio tricks and secrets of the trade. Learn about micing techniques and ways to get that optimum drum sound in the studio.

Free Drum Lessons - Swing Drumming: Learn all about swing drumming as it relates to big band music and then contemporary jazz. Lessons include jazz drumming techniques and play along charts to swing standards such as Tuxedo Junction, String of Pearls, and Blue Bossa. Study the swing ride pattern, jazz soloing on drums, and more.


Free Drum Lessons - Syncopation: Syncopation can be a difficult concept for younger drummers to pick up. In our instructional database you'll, learn how to play basic syncopated rhythms and drum beats on the drums with free online drum instruction at our drum lessons hub.


Free Drum Lessons
- Symphonic Drumming: Information, articles, and online lessons for symphonic drumming, from concert snare drums, stroking exercises and techniques, timpani methods, ensemble playing, crashing concert cymbals, off-beats, semiquavers and an overview of orchestral percussion.

Free Drum Lessons - Tabla Drums: Articles and lessons on tabla. Links to tabla tips, tabla history, and techniques for tabla drumming. Includes repair and maintenance techniques for tabla as well as definitions and exercises on audio and video. See the beginners guide to tabla drumming.

Drum Bum

Free Drum Lessons - Drum Tabs: DrumTabs galore! Access links to hundreds of drum tabs online. Drum Bum has always been one of the major hubs for finding drum tabs on the internet. If you're a drummer that struggles with reading music and find drum tabs to be helpful in learning new beats on the drums, drumtabs can help. Make those connections for drumtabs here by accessing our tabs resources. See also Drum Transcriptions.


Free Drum Lessons - Taiko Drumming: Information, articles, and online lessons about Taiko drums and Japanese drumming. Learn how to play the Taiko drum. See also World Drumming.

Drum Bum
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Free Drum Lessons - Tango: Learn how to play the tango on drums or drumset with free online drum lessons at Drum Bum!


Free Drum Lessons - Tempo: Keeping a steady tempo on the drums can be one of the greatest challenges as a drummer. Lessons available cover different tempos and tempo applications to songs as well as how to play along with a metronome or drum machine.


Free Drum Lessons - Theory: Learn about standard music theory, particularly how it relates to drumming. Includes resources for terms, clefs, time signatures, key signatures, tuned percussion, and more. See also Reading.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Time Signatures: Study and have a thorough understanding of time signatures as they relate to reading drum music. There are basic time signatures like 4/4 (also known as common time) and more complex time signatures like 7/8 or 9/16. These lessons should help shed some light on the topic. See also Reading.


Free Drum Lessons - Timpani: Information, helpful articles, and basic exercises online for timpani drums. Includes pictures, timpani solos, beginning drum lessons for timpani and even more on timpani technique. Timpani are also referred to as "kettle drums".


Access Thousands of Free Drum Tips on how to play drums at Every drum subject you can imagine from tips on drum tuning, tips on double bass drumming, tips on playing fast, beginning drum fills, drum beats, and all other topics for drums and drumkit. And it's all free! - Check out tips on buying a drumset for the first time, playing drum solos, practicing drum rudiments, how to read drum tabs, how to groove better on the drums, how to practice drumming, how to play odd times, and more. Don't miss our free drum videos section.


Free Drum Lessons - Train Beat: How to play the train beat on the drums. Train beat exercises and variations. See examples of the train beat in all styles of music in our lessons hub.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Transcriptions: Transcriptions are sheet music transcribed from the original song. Sometimes called tabs, drum transcriptions are more accurate and contain actual rhythmic notation. Check out all the drum transcriptions available online for free! See also tabs for drumtabs.

Drum Bum


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Triggering: Articles and informative tips on triggering for electronic drumming. A basic "how to" on building your own triggers for drums. Popular triggers are Barcus-Berry, Trigger Perfect, Cerper Ltd., Ddrum, Fishman, Hart Dynamics, Dauz, Boom Theory, KAT, Pintech, S&S, Roland. See also Electronics for more drum triggering information.


Free Drum Lessons - Drum Tuning: Learn how to tune your drums through free online tutorials about tuning drums. Access beginning to advanced tips on drum muffling, snare tuning techniques, seating your drumheads, relative tension, and check out the free audio samples of finely tuned drums, available on the net. Tuning your drums properly is an integral part of your overall drum sound. Poorly tuned drums can ruin an otherwise good performance. Click on the link below for video drum lessons.

More Drum Tuning Resources: Drum Tuning Books and DVDs


Free Drum Lessons - Vibes: Another form of percussion is melodic percussion or specifically mallet instruments which includes the vibes. Take a mallet drum lesson and learn all about the vibes, basic playing techniques for vibes, and more. Noted vibes players are Gary Burton, David Samuels, Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson, Leigh Howard Stevens and Evelyn Glennie among others. See also "Mallets" for more on mallet percussion.



Free Drum Lessons - Drum Warm Ups: Don't forget the importance of warming up on the drums. This can not only help your speed but can help prevent injuries. Among the list of other important routines should be your list of drum warm ups. Check out our drum lessons hub for basic helpful exercises and overall warm-ups for drums, drumset, and percussion.


Free Drum Lessons - Why you Drum: Of ongoing discussion is the idea that we get into drums for a reason. Are you as a drummer motivated by external influences or an internal guide that leads us toward a rhythmic future? Whatever the case, the motivation leads us to get on our drums and reach for the sky. Check out the thought-provoking articles and essays on why we drum. Hey, why do we drum anyway?

More Resources: Drum Lesson DVDs


Free Drum Lessons - World Drumming: Learn all about world drumming from knowledgeable world drumming leaders. Study world drum terms, drumbeats, and the drums themselves related to countries like Africa, India, Brazil, and Japan. Learn about instruments such as the jembe drum, the brekete, the berimbau, the taiko drum, the djun djun, the cajon drum, the steel pans, the ewe drums, log drums or slit drums, the udu drum, talking drums, the balaphone, the axatse, the ashiko, the doumbek drum, the naker, the tubano, the tabla, frame percussion, and many other world drumming beats on world percussion instruments.

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