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How will I ever get there?

The old joke in the music business is about the musician in New York City that stopped a cab driver and asked him how to get to Carnegie Hall. The cab driver answered, "Practice!" That's one of many answers to the question, "How do I get really good". Most pros will tell you that it's simply 'sweat equity'. You get out of it what you put into it. Don't worry about how hard something is. Just start practicing and playing and doing your best. Believe in yourself and you'll be there before you know it.


Drum Lesson 1      

Check out hundreds of 32nd note lesson variations with challenging musical phrasings for drums. This lesson devles into ways to permutate 8 subdivisions. There's also a downloadable midi file provided. Fron single beat basics to polyrhythms and rhythm clusters. It is recommended to use a metronome when practicing these advanced exercises. See also the links at the bottom of the page for more possibilities. By Nick Marshall

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Drum Lesson 2    

Secrets of Clave - Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny, Studio) offers up a great article on how to use the clave to aid with rhythmic creativity. Using notated examples, he explains how to use these concepts for jazz improvisation. Of course it can be applied to many different styles of music.

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Drum Lesson 3

Two pages of creative grooves with some great titles! Tabs format with accompanying midi and MP3 files.

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Drum Lesson 4

Professional drummer, Dave Walsh demonstrates expert advanced drum technique. Videos demonstrating the one handed triplet, 16th notes with one hand and hand to hand flams, etc. He even includes a drum solo containing the aforementioned.


Drum Lesson 5

Advanced drum lessons. Reading and Stick Control exercises. Excerpts from "The Reading Drummer" by Dave Vose. Explores various rhythms from straight eigths and flams to 16th note triplets and mixed time signatures. A Berklee Shares piece in PDF format.


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Whether it be rock, blues, jazz or metal that you like to play, you're sure to find valuable lessons and instruction here at the Drum Bum lessons hub. From tips to tabs to full out play-alongs, peruse our pages for links to some of the most unique lesson content on the net.

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Drum Lesson 6

World drummer, Mark Powers demonstrates left foot clave for the Cha-Cha rhythm. This lesson helps with 4-way cooridination and utilizes the left foot a bit more than usual. Nine exercises which can be used together to create hundreds. PDF format.

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More Advanced Lessons to Come

Drum Bum's lesson hub is your access to quality drum instruction featuring resources throughout the net. This advanced pages features tips and guidance for polyrhythms, beat displacement, metric modulation, playing fast, left foot clave, odd groupings, odd time signatures and more! Check back for updates.

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