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Learn Drum Lessons from the pros. Whether you're looking for beginning drum lessons and basic tutorials on playing the drums like how to hold the drumsticks or how to play the standard drum rudiments, we've got you covered. Learn basic drum beats and drum fills as well as how to groove on the drums. Whether you play drumset or a percussion instrument, take the time to learn at least the basics so that you won't quite prematurely.

You can learn how to play drums on your own but drum lessons from a professional drummer is always the recommened method. This way, you don't pick up any bad habits by trying to teach yourself. Professional lessons also provide a structure to your practicing that helps you see your progress while learning drums.

Some Basic Drum Lesson Categories Include:

  • How to Set Up a Drumset
  • How to Hold the Drumsticks
  • How to Tune the Drums
  • How to Play Drum Rudiments on Snare
  • How to Apply Drum Rudiments to the Drumset or Other Percussion
  • How to Play a Basic Drum Beat on the Drums
  • How to Play a Basic Drum Fill on the Drumset
  • How to Read Drum Music and Apply it to Drumset or Percussion
  • How to Groove on the Drums
  • How to Play a Melodic Mallet Percussion Instrument like Marimba

After you get the basics down, you can later study the various styles of drumming, phrasing on your instrument, how to play double bass drums and so on.


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