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Do you catch yourself saying, "I don't know what to practice"?
Well, Drum Bum has solved that problem for you. - Enjoy!

  • Listening - concentrate on "listening" to music and drums, not just "hearing" it.
  • Method Books - Take advantage of hundreds of drum method books on the market.
  • Drum Rudiments - Rudiments are the foundation of drumming. Do you know all 40?
  • Groove - Practice playing and making the groove feel as good as possible on the drums.
  • Styles - Practice versatility... rock, blues, funk, country, jazz, latin, swing, reggae, etc.
  • Stick control - One of the most important aspects of drumming. Reference the George Lawrence Stone books and other media that revolves around stick control and independence.
  • Reading - Practice drums with reading books. Learn how to read drum charts efficiently.
  • Dynamics - Playing soft to loud on drums. Appreciate the importance of dynamics in music.
  • Tuning Drums - Tuning drums can be challenging but with practice the reward is great.
  • Playing with a click or metronome. Also practice playing behind or ahead of the beat.
  • Song form Understand song form in music. Examples are AABA, ABA, etc
  • Soloing - Not every drummer knows how to play an effective drum solo. Do you?
  • Playing over the bar line - This is an effective practice that can really jazz up the song.
  • Odd Time - You will be called upon to play odd time on the drums. Are you ready?
  • Finger Control - Finger control should come "after" basic hand technique. It's very effective.
  • Moeller Technique - Study and practice the Moeller method to develop better technique.
  • Transcribing Drum Beats - This will help you with your overall reading and comprehension.
  • Two handed riding on cymbals. A great little technique that will spice up your drumming.
  • Linear patterns - Study linear patterns on drums as they relate to the groove and soloing.
  • Left hand lead - An effective practice method that helps with drum independence.
  • Double Bass Drum - Round out your drumming with double bass drum techniques.
  • Fast tempos - Sometimes the song tempos will be fast on the drums. Don't get left behind.
  • Electronics (familiarize yourself w/the latest midi equipment)
  • Instructional videos - Their are tons of drum books and drum dvds on the market.
  • Studio techniques - Study mic placement, tuning, and recording studio etiquette.
  • Odd groupings - Know your odd times. Get comfortable with 3, 5, 7 and 9.
  • Polyrhythms - Advanced polyrhythms can propel you into a more creative world.
  • Beat displacement and/or Metric Modulation will greatly enhance your drumming style.
  • Shuffles - Practice funk shuffles, rock shuffles, 2 hand shuffles, and more on the drums.
  • Showmanship - It is in fact about "performance". Learn about stick twirling and more.
  • Practicing your drums in front of a mirror is a very effective method of practicing.
  • Recording yourself and listening back. This is a big one! Don't underestimate it.
  • Creating your "own" patterns and ideas. Some drummers are simply not creative enough.
  • Augmentation and Diminution - This practice will help spark new ideas in drumming.
  • Tehais are a figure repeated three times evenly in a phrase. Enhance your creativity.
  • Filling around accent patterns strengthens your ability to adapt to more complex tunes.
  • Practicing extremely slow tempos is "very" important. Many drummers overlook this.
  • Continual linear triplets around the set. Practice repetitively and watch your progress.
  • Continual linear 16th’s around the set. Do this over and again and reap the benefits.
  • Motion exercises - A very effective practicing method to get around drumset effortlessly.
  • Left hand and foot isolation - Another very effective practicing method for specific limbs.
  • Drum physiology and ergonomics - It is "extremely" important not to overlook this.
  • Read drum publications, internet newsgroups, and/or drum forums for inspiration
  • Brushes for snare drum - Expand your horizons and get comfortable with brush playing.
  • Cymbal technique - practice which cymbal to hit, when, how hard, and more.
  • Drum Machine Practice - Some of the greatest drummers of our time (like Dennis Chambers) attribute much of their drumset progress to practicing with drum machines.
  • Drum Clinics - Attending drum clinics is an indirect form of practicing.There is amazing amount of drumming information you can learn from other drummers at drum clinics.

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The list goes on and on. You should never justifiably be able to say,
"I don't know what to practice" on the drums. - Work hard and prosper!

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