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- by Mike Donovan

Attention to detail is an important aspect of pro drumming. I recently had a drummer friend (he's playing 4 nights a week with a signed artist) tell me he was about to upgrade to a new set and he was thinking about buying Pearl Exports. I immediately sat him down and talked with him about the importance of small details and how much of a positive effect they can have on the end result. Not that Pearl Exports aren't good drums mind you, but for a person with his level of experience and professionalism, he should (in my opinion) be in a higher-end kit.

These small details I'm talking about are things such as wood types, bearing edges, isolation mounts, stainless steel hoops, etc. All these things, I told him, help to clean up your sound and allow for a more pure and precise tone. It can sometimes mean the difference between driving a VW Bug and a Cadillac.

While the cash isn't always there, you owe it to yourself to at least consider taking the plunge and investing in a "quality" drumset if you're a serious professional. Words can't describe the euphoria of what it's like to sit behind a set of drums that virtually "play themselves". This goes for marching and hand percussion as well. There is nothing like "quality", whether it be your instrument or your performance and once you've been there and then came back, you'll definitely know the difference. The details matter, and you should be "sweating the small stuff"!

1. Don't forget used drums. You can often save thousands and still end up with a top-of-the-line kit.
2. Do your homework and research drums thoroughly before buying.
3. Please support your local small business / drums store!
4. Visit our Drum Lessons Database for more tips on "Buying a Drumset".

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