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**** Pata-what?! ****

A pataflafla is one of those rudiments that many of you cringe at the very thought of trying to play. This is either because you just don't like the name of it, or because you would rather eat your grandmother's collard greens than attempt to play
something that weird.

Well folks, we're here to tell you that it isn't that bad. :)

The best way to approach this is "one step at a time". First you need to realize that it’s simply made up of flams and single strokes. Well, we can all play single strokes right? So, that only leaves the flam part to deal with. (See how easy this is? ;)

Most of us already know how to play flams but some of us need some serious brushing up. If you'll take the time to get those alternated flams down real good, there is only one more step!

The FLAM ACCENT is the next step and one of the primary rudiments within the Pataflafla. It just takes a little repetition and you'll have it before you know it.

> >
1 2 3, 4 5 6

(Right-handed flam on 1, Left-handed flam on 4.)

Ok, it's time to tackle the Pataflafla.
A good way to start is by playing 2 alternated flams, then 2 alternated singles back to back. Do this over and over again to get the motion down. You then simply phrase this over 16th notes as follows:

> > > > > > > >
1 e + a, 2 e + a, 3 e + a, 4 e + a

This will be tricky at first but hang in there! Keep it slow for now and play it clean. You'll find that playing the Pataflafla isn't nearly as hard as you thought.

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