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I once read a book called "The Book of Questions". At first it seemed like a stupid idea. Then I realized that upon reading it, it was extremely thought-provoking and allowed me to look within to find honest answers about myself. Sometimes the answers can be life changing.

So I got to thinking; Why not use this same technique for drums. While we're not interested in writing a drums questions book, even just a handful of questions will get the juices flowing. Try it and see.

1. How many hours do you practice drums every day? Is it enough?

2. Do you have a routine or simply play randomly without any specific direction?

3. Do you ever ask others to give you an honest assessment of your playing?

4. Do you execute your grooves and drum fills perfectly without mistakes?

5. Do you sit with your back straight when you play? Are you balanced?

6. Have you ever taken a lesson with a famous drummer?

7. Do you get jealous when other drummers are better than you?

8. Do your bandmates like "you" as much as they do your drumming?

9. Do you ever tape yourself to see how you sound? Do you like what you hear?

10. Does your band know that you are the best drummer for them?

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11. Do your drums sound the best they can?

12. Do you fake styles or are you confident you're playing the right thing?

13. Do you ever set up your drums differently?

14. Are you more of a time keeper or a musical contributor?

15. Are you having "fun" playing the drums? If the answer is no then why not?

16. Are you just a mediocre drummer or a good drummer?

17. Do you ever practice your drums in front of a mirror?

18. Does your band know that you play for the song first and foremost?

19. Do you practice your feet as much as your hands?

20. Have you accomplished what you set out to do on the drums?

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