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How to get Gigs
Get out from behind those drums and get a gig!

  Where to look

  1. Classified ads – your local newspaper, music papers, internet classifieds, etc.
  2. Bulletin boards – music stores, record shops, drum shops, talent agencies
  3. Live bands – networking! Go out, meet, and interact with live groups. This is one of the best ways to learn about who’s looking for who.
  4. Talent agencies – get to know the people who work in these places. They can sometimes help you find a suitable band or at the very least, pass the word along.
  5. Union – The Musician’s union is a good place to find certain types of work. Great contacts can be made as well.
  6. Music studios – Stay in touch with the people behind the scenes at your recording studios. They are recording drums for all your friends and they know who’s doing what.
  7. Jam sessions – Jam sessions are a bit more popular in larger towns, but when you can find them, they are valuable music networking havens! Drag your drums out and start jammin!
  8. Craigslist usually has a musicians section for your local city. You can post their regularly for free.
  9. Facebook Groups - There are numerous Facebook groups and pages dedicated to music, bands and networking.


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  How to Audition

  1. Initial contact – be friendly and professional. Don’t oversell yourself but be confident and assertive. Find out what they are looking for in a musician and determine whether or not you fit the criteria.
  2. Know the material better than anyone else! –This is the key to a successful audition. If you know the tunes better than anyone else (assuming you play them with feeling and with good time) you will probably get the gig.
  3. Be personable. – The second most important criteria in getting a gig (other than how well you play the drums) is how well the other members of the band think they might be able to get along with you. Be friendly, but be yourself. People can usually see through facades.

  Keeping the Gig

  1. Attitude – It’s even more important after getting the gig to be cooperative and extremely diplomatic. You will have opinions, but try and not be to forceful with them. Keep a positive attitude and you will have respect from the other players.
  2. Stay current – Stay on top of the new tunes that come out in the genre of the music you’re playing. Know what’s happening!
  3. Be professional – Be on time, keep yourself and your equipment in good shape, and play every night like you’re making $1000 instead of $50. Wear a smile and act like you’re having a good night even if you aren’t.
  4. Improve on your instrument – Consistently try and better yourself on the drums. Learn the newest drum techniques, the difficult songs, read all the magazines, etc. Be a strong force in the group, not just another drummer.


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