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  • Drum Beat University - offering fitness instructors and drumming enthusiasts services and support for their cardio drumming programs
  • Britchops Drum Tuition - Drum lessons, popular drum charts. Established, trusted site.
  • DrumTabs.org - Explanation / Definition of Drum Tabs. Examples, links. Newer site.
  • NSOPdrums.com - Cary Nasatir's excellent school of percussion.
  • Drum Websites - Check out DrumWebsites.com for some cool drum websites online.
  • Drums-Drums - A cool new way to search for drums stuff.
  • 411Tabs.com - A handful of drumtabs at this mostly guitar tab site.

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Chat about Drums, Drumming, Drummers, and Percussion
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Drum Tips!

  • Drumsontheweb - Large, established drum site with music downloads, drum links, etc.
  • Drummerworld.com - One of more impressive drum websites online. This is don't miss.
  • The Cocktail Drum Lounge - Believe it or not, this drum site specializes in cocktail drums only.
  • Gene Krupa Reference Page - A Gene Krupa only site.
  • 100 Greatest Drummers - The world's 100 most influential drummers.
  • Jimmy Barney - The best drummer in the world (well ok, in his city). Pretty funny stuff.
  • DrummersOnly.net - The percussion home of George and Stix Nickson.
  • The Drummer's Website - A handful of drum videos with some incredible playing.
  • Drums Portal - Italian drums site with news, lessons, downloads, and more.
  • Drumming.com - The world of Drumming. A terrific drummer resource.
  • Allexperts - Questions and Answers about drums, drumsets, and drumming.
  • Drummer Cafe - A quality drum forum with class. Brought to you by pro drummer, Bart Elliott.
  • eDrummer.com - Source for drummers. Tips, drum lessons, and a database for drummers.
  • Funk.co.nz - Cool drums website from Tom Atkinson.
  • DrumGear.com - Drum Gear. Drum parts, clamps, sticks, stick bags, and other cool things.
  • Mike Dolbear - A wealth of drum information here at this UK site. Awesome site design.
  • Drumset Books - Featuring Gary Rosensweig's book series. Excellent reviews.
  • Drum Club - Outstanding site with tons of educational articles, drum books, and more.
  • Percussion Clinic Adelaide - Drum Articles, products, lessons, and instrument info.
  • e Drum Lessons - Resources for free drum lessons online for drumset and percussion. .
  • Steve Fagiano - Drummer, author Steve Fagiano. Instructional DVD on "Rudiments for Drumset".
  • Drummer DVDs - Professionally produced DVDs of today's hottest drummers.
  • DrummingStyles.com - Featuring examples of Drumming Styles. Charts, Drums Audio, Books.
  • JesseOnDrums.com - Drummer, Jesse Martinez of SoCal's Sator Square.
  • Peavey Drums - Drummer Paul Twornicki pays tribute to the Peavey drums of yesteryear.
  • Just Enough - A learning company specializing in music instruction multimedia.
  • Drums Play-Along - Play along tracks for drums. Includes pop, jazz, rock, r&b, blues, and latin.
  • Legacy Rhythms and Hand Drums - Hand drums, djembes, and percussion products.
  • Minus Drums - This cool drummers site features music tracks without the drums featured.
  • Learningdrum - Learn to play drums and percussion through free on-line video education.
  • Audio Fanzine - Drum news, reviews, forums, classifieds.
  • Groove Library - Some famous groove patterns written out and explained.
  • Tricky Sticks - http://www.martingibson.com.au/trickysticks - Drum lessons and resources.
  • Rosh Tof - An Israeli online drummer's portal in Hebrew. Free lessons, articles, classifieds, etc
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