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Chat about Drums, Drumming, Drummers, and Percussion
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  • Drumsticks Abound - Peter Lavinger's amazing drumsticks collection. Hundreds of drumsticks.
  • Vic Firth Drumsticks - Vic Firth Drumsticks. One of the most popular drumstick companies.
  • Pro-Mark Drumsticks - One of the original drumstick manufacturers. Since the 70's.
  • Vater Drumsticks - Vater Drumsticks. Vater is becoming one of the more popular stick companies.
  • Regal Tip - Founded by Joe Calato, inventor of the nylon tip drumsticks. Canada.
  • The Vibe - TheVibe.net is all about vibraphonists, mallets, and mallet players. Mallet players unite!
  • Squarebeat Drumsticks - Unique square drumsticks and new pentagon shaped drumsticks.
  • Xcel Drumsticks.com - Xcel Drumsticks feature ribbed drumsticks and specialty drumsticks.
  • RB Percussion Inc. - RB means "rotationally balanced" drumsticks. They recreate the center of balance in a stick.
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