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  • Istanbul cymbals - Original Istanbul cymbals, history, dealers, etc.
  • Bosphorus - Bosphorus cymbals of course!
  • Meinl - German manufacturer, Meinl is know for making cymbals from 5 different alloys.
  • Paiste - Paiste is a family cymbal business. Great craftsmanship help shape these cymbals
  • Ufip - "Roto-casting" is what sets Ufip cymbals apart from the rest."

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Chat about Drums, Drumming, Drummers, and Percussion
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  • Sabian - Sabian cymbals. One of the leading cymbal companies. Branched from Zildjian early on.
  • Zildjian - Zildjian cymbals date back to the early 1600's in Turkey and are still the leader.
  • Cymbalholic.com - Can you believe there's a drum website about nothing but cymbals? Brilliant!
  • Masterwork Cymbals - Masterwork claims to be handmade Turkish cymbals.
  • Turkish Cymbals - TurkishCymbals.com. Ride cymbals, crash cymbals, and hi-hat cymbals.
  • Orion Cymbals - A cymbal company from Brazil with worldwide distribution.
  • ZildjianReviews.com - Honest, objective reviews of Zildjian cymbals from regular drummers who either own or have played the cymbals in a variety of environments.
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