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Major Drum Companies
Parents often ask us who the major drum companies are. We've made a list of some of the more popular ones here. They're in no particular order and this list was not intended to be a link database. Please use your favorite search engine to locate address, phone or website information.

1. Pearl Drum Corporation - One of the most popular drum companies. They carry a full line of drumset, marching drums and accessories.
2. Tama Drums - Full line of drumsets and accessories
3. Premier Drums - Based out of the UK. Drumsets, Popular in Marching Percussion. Known for their slotted tension lugs.
4. Gretsch Drums - Older, respected drum company known for their superb tonal quality.
5. Yamaha - Full line of drums including drumset and marching percussion.
6. DW (Drum Workshop) - Known for superb quality in construction and detail. First to popularize individual shell tone and pitch matching.
8. Sonor - German drum company. Legendary for unique design, attention to detail and incredible tone.
9. Ludwig - Who hasn't heard of Ludwig Drums? This household name is still alive and kicking. Terrific drumsets and marching drums. Big resale value in vintage Ludwig drumsets.
10. LP (Latin Percussion) - LP set the standard for Latin percussion instruments. Known for high quality and full line of Latin drums, percussion and accessories.
11. Taye - A newer drum company known for quality and affordability.
12. Slingerland - Another legendary drum company. Famous artist endorsements through the years have made vintage Slingerland drums very valuable.
13. Remo Drums - Originally a drumhead manufacturer, Remo came out with a "pressed paper" manufacturing process for drum that took everyone by surprise. Although they make drumsets, their kid's percussion line has really taken first chair.
14. GMS - High quality drums with lots of projection.
15. Ayotte - High quality drumsets popular with those that are extremely particular about their drum sound. They also popularized wooden hoops.
16. Baltimore Drum - High quality drum company specializing in custom orders. Very unique designs.
17. Mapex - An alternative to the others, Mapex drums offer an affordable choice without sacrificing quality and practicality.
18. Fibes - Largely American made! A company spanning 30 years with an emphasis on attack and dynamic projection.
19. Peavey - A few years back, Peavey got into the drum picture. Their drums looked bulky and impractical. Surprisingly they sounded great!
20. Orange County Drums (OCD) - More recently getting noticed due to unique and colorful designs and popular artist endorsement.
21. Brady Drums - This Australian company specializes in handcrafted made from Western Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah and Wandoo. Their claim to fame was the solid, one piece drum carved directly from the same tree.
22. Noble and Cooley - Originally known for their masterfully engineered snare drums. Customized designs with maple shells. Very respected company in the industry.
23. RocketShells - Newer on the market. Slick looking drums that sound terrific. Unique manufacturing process utilizing carbon fiber.
24. Rogers - Another legendary drum company. More popular in the 70's, these drums have all but disappeared from the scene.
25. Arbiter - Developed by pioneer Ivor Arbiter, these innovative drums (Arbiter AT's and Arbiter Flats) are tuned using one lug instead of 10. Apparently they still carry a surprising amount of tone and resonance (less so in the flats).
26. Monolith - Another drum manufacturer, based out of Canada, that specializes in carbon fiber drums.
27. Pacific - A division of DW drums. Not as high quality or customizable as DW but more affordable.

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