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Free Drum Lessons 1 - DrumRudiments.com lists 40 Standard Drum Rudiments for drums, plus free video examples of all drum rudiments. Double stroke rolls, press rolls, paradiddles, flams, drags, etc. Based off of standard drum method books and PAS standard drum rudiments.

Free Drum Videos Online!

Free Drum Lessons 2 - The official 40 drum rudiments listed categorically by type. Also available in PDF format. Brought to you by it's creator, the Percussive Arts Society (PAS).

Free Drum Lessons 3 - An awesome page on rudiment pyramids. Great practicing exercises that are fun! Exercises include the paradiddle pyramid, the ruff pyramid, the tap pyramid, and something called the "Killer"!


Free Drum Lessons 4 - Some great snare drum exercises (or practice pad) for developing and cleaning up the single stroke roll.

Free Drum Lessons 5 - All 40 snare drum rudiments for drums. Includes audio and video instruction for rudiments.

Free Drum Video Lessons
Free Drum Video Lessons
Free Drum Video Lessons
Free Drum Video Lessons

Free Drum Lessons 6 - Vic Firth has one of the finest educational pages for all 40 drum rudiments. All single stroke, roll rudiments, paradiddles, drag and flam rudiments and sound files to match!

Free Drum Lessons 7 - "Using Drum Rudiments to Spice up your Groove Playing". From Beat of Drum. - Thanks Graeme!  PDF format.

Free Drum Lessons 8 - Ever heard of "Quad-a-diddles"? These are paradiddle combinations for the Quads! Great beat patterns and combinations for quad drumming on your quad drums.

Free Drum Lessons 9 - Incredible sample video clips of Jeff Queen, Chip Webster, Mike McIntosh, and Tyler Dempsey. TapSpace Publications™ presents "Violent Ice Cream", a book showcasing awesome rudimental solos by the best rudimental snare drummers in the business.

Free Drum Lessons 10 - An introduction to the single stroke roll and it's application to the drums, drum set. Drum Videos demonstrating all 40 drum rudiments.

Standard Drum Rudiments are the Single Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Paradiddle, Flam, Single Stroke Four, Seven Stroke Roll, Five Stroke Roll, Nine Stroke Roll, Multiple Bounce Roll, Buzz Roll, Triple Stroke Roll, Double Stroke Roll, Six Stroke Roll, Thirteen Stroke Roll, Fifteen Stroke Roll, Seventeen Stroke Roll, Flamacue, Drag, Single Drag, Double Drag, Triple Drag, Flam Paradiddle, Flam Tap, Flam Accent, Pataflafla, Single Flammed Mill, Single Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, Triple Paradiddle, Ruff, Swiss Army Triplets, Flam Paradiddle, Inverted Flams, Single Drag, Double Drag, Triple Drag, Ratamacue, Single Ratamacue, Double Ratamacue, Triple Ratamacue, Lesson 25, Single Drag Tap, Double Drag Tap, Triple Drag Tap, Inverted Flam Tap, Flam Drags, Single Stroke Three, Four, Five, Double Bounce Roll, and Paradiddle Diddle.


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